The Cahans (cross community) Project Committee has worked for more than 10 years to secure funding to renovate and develop the 1840 building and site to give it a new future. A variety of uses have been identified by the Committee. These include a meeting place for the local community and the decendants of former Cahans people who are scattered over the world. Good numbers of these return to visit each year.

The Committee also see it as a centre which will tell the story of Presbyterianism, particularly in Ireland, and the distinctive place of Cahans in that story.

It will further show the witness and influence of Cahans congregation through the centuries and offer a place where service and sacrifice in World Wars will be commemorated. A member of this congregation, Major David Nelson was awarded The Victoria Cross for gallantry in the First World War.

The Committee holds various fund raising events. See our Events page for further information.

Further support from interested people is needed and the Committee invite you to become a Friend of Cahans by making a donation, large or small. Anyone interested in the making a donation should contact the Committee.

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